The Team

Shona Main

Dr Shona Main BSc (Hons) MBChB

Head of Operations

Shona is an Emergency Medicine trainee in the South West. She’s worked on expeditions in the mountains, jungle, desert and at sea and supported sports events around Europe. She led the APEX 4 international altitude research trip and has volunteered on posts in the Philippines, India and Uganda. Now living a UK version of her NZ lifestyle she’s often micro-adventuring with spritely dips at any opportunity or planning trips to the mountains.


Dr Alex Reid MBChB BSc (Hons) PGCE

Assistant Head of Operations

Alex is a winter mountaineering, ski touring and mountain bike instructor working for various organisations including Glenmore Lodge. He holds the highest UK instructional qualifications in winter climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering and mountain biking, the Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor, Mountain Ski Leader and Level 3 Mountain Bike Leader. He has led several expeditions for Outlook Expeditions and World Challenge varying from Malawi to Bolivia, with personal first ascents of mountains in Kyrgyzstan.
Currently based in the Scottish Highlands, mixing life as an ACCS Anaesthetics trainee, with mountaineering and skiing work.

Joanne Cozens

Dr Joanne Cozens MBChB

Co-Lead Editor

Jo is an ACCS Anaesthesia trainee in West Yorkshire. She’s combined travel with expedition work in South Africa, Costa Rica, Kenya, and the South Pacific, as well as working on ultra marathons across Europe. Currently on an OOPE from ACCS training, she’s working towards the Diploma in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine (RCPSG). You’ll find her exploring the mountains on foot or skis, playing netball, hiking or horse riding in her spare time.

Holly Andrews

Dr Holly Andrews BMBS DTMH

Co-Lead Editor; Evidence Explorer Lead

Holly is an anaesthetics trainee, spreading her career so far across the UK. From Jersey in the Channel Islands to spending time in the West of Scotland during core training and lately taking up a retrieval post in North Wales. She has been involved in expeditions in the rainforest and with IPPG at altitude in the Himalayas and supported many in their impressive endeavours running ultras in austere environments. She has volunteered in both a medical and leadership capacity in the European refugee camps and has a strong interest in making medical partnerships in this setting bidirectionally beneficial. When not working she is found racing triathlon or hunting out new ski touring routes.

Tom Beddis

Dr Tom Beddis BMedSci (Hons) MBChB

Advertising and Finance

Tom is a Junior Doctor currently studying for the DTMH at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. He has a keen interest in Emergency Medicine and after finishing Foundation Training he spent a year in Malawi where he acted as a volunteer as part of the UN’s COVID-19 response there. When not in the hospital you will find him out running in the hills, cycling or pursuing his passion for landscape photography.

Alex Taylor

Dr Alex Taylor MBChB DTMH IDEWM Summer ML


Alex is an Emergency Medicine Trainee in the South West. She has interests in Global Health, Expedition and Pre-Hospital Medicine. She has a habit of saying ‘yes’ to any outdoor opportunity and has been an expedition medic in Antarctica, Africa, Costa Rica, the Amazon, Fiji and South-east Asia. She enjoys teaching wilderness medicine and has completed Diplomas in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine, and Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, as well as Summer Mountain Leader. She is currently completing a Global Health Masters with a dissertation looking into care of local expedition participants on Kilimanjaro. Like Shona; she is trying to translate her former outdoor kiwi lifestyle into the wilds of the South West enjoying rock climbing, mountain trips, biking and ski-touring.

Hannah Phelan



Hannah is an Anaesthesia trainee in Scotland where she relishes any chance to head north into the mountains. She has been involved in medicine and critical care in a number of countries including Argentina, Malawi and Ecuador and, most recently, spent six months working in anaesthetics in Zambia.

Kirsty Benton

Dr Kirsty Benton BSc MBBS MSc


Kirsty is an Anaesthetic trainee in the South West. She previously worked in Public Health and has volunteered in posts in Indonesia, Switzerland and Tanzania. She has worked on expeditions in South East Asia, Europe, South and Central America. These included cycling, trekking and supporting research groups in the jungle and marine environment. She also enjoys teaching on wilderness training courses. Her interests include anything outdoors, travelling and meeting people with similar interests.

Millie Wood

Dr Millie Wood BSc MBChB


Millie is a pre-hospital clinical fellow based in the Emergency Department of the Royal Cornwall hospital for the year. She is excited to spend time with SWAST and the air ambulance to gain more experience in the world of PHEM during her junior years with a desire to pursue this path after ACCS.

She has been blissfully unaware of the struggles of the NHS living and working in emergency medicine in Western Australia for the last 2 years but is happy to be “home” and swimming and surfing without the constant fear of shark bites!

When not at work, can be found on the coast path running, cycling, in the sea or just generally procrastinating from doing anything indoors-based!

Jade Hanley

Jade Hanley


Jade is a graduate medical student at the University of Nottingham. Before medical school she odd-jobbed her way around Vietnam, Italy, Egypt and South Africa. She is enthusiastic about taking medicine outdoors and has taken part in as much wilderness medicine as possible while at medical school. Her interests include absolutely anything you can do in the outdoors, campfire cooking, learning languages and medicine as a tool for social good.

Alice Dullehan

Alice Dullehan MPharm

Editor; Student Lead

Alice is a Pharmacist and graduate entry medical student at Swansea University. Throughout university she has immersed herself in adventure sports as well as working commercially within the outdoor industry. Her spare time is typically spent either surfing, whitewater kayaking, hiking, running or mountain biking – making the most of whatever the Welsh weather has provided. As current wilderness medicine president she is loving any opportunity to merge the two worlds of medicine and the outdoors.


Burjor Langdana

Burjor Langdana MDS FDSRCS NZDRex IQE

Resident Expedition Dentist

Burjor is an NHS dentist in England and the founder of He is a faculty member for RCPS Glasgow and the University of Exeter and provides Dental training for NATO SOTC, WEM, COROM and R2Ri. His first taste of remote work came while running dental camps in India (where he did his Masters in Oral Surgery) and later in the Sultanate of Oman. Burjor deepened and broadened his expedition medical experience through spending four seasons in the Antarctic; working as a VSO dentist in Malawi, and working with Mobile Surgical Services in New Zealand. He is the contributing author and editor for the dental chapter in the new Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine. He has also written and lectured extensively on his subject, and provides email and phone support for event medics. His main passion these days is to train medics in the dark art of Expedition Dentistry, through intensive, hands-on workshops.


Greg Cranston

Dr Greg Cranston MBBCh FRCEM FIMC

Webmaster and Director

Greg is a Consultant in Prehospital and Emergency Medicine between South Wales and Bristol, and a dedicated mountain biker. After spending time in Nepal and New Zealand, he worked as a prehospital care doctor, first with the Welsh Ambulance Service and Wales Air Ambulance, and more recently with the Great Western Air Ambulance.


Matt Wilkes


Founder and Director

Matt is a doctor and paraglider pilot, with a background in anaesthesia and critical care. He began Adventure Medic to combine a hospital career with remote medicine and the great outdoors. Matt has worked in various guises around the world, mostly in the high mountains, and has flown all over East Africa with AMREF Flying Doctors. He is the Independent Medical Officer for the Extreme Environments Research Group, University of Portsmouth. Matt leads the Free Flight Physiology Project, is Deputy Director of the RCPSG International Diploma of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine and is Assoc. Director of Clinical Affairs at Current Health Ltd.

Ellie Heath



Ellie is a GP and yoga teacher in Scotland. She has been a doctor at the IPPG(UK) high-altitude rescue posts in Nepal, the medic for expeditions in Bolivia, Tanzania, India, Cambodia and China. Ellie holds the Diploma in Reproductive Health from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and runs in body and mind.

Rowena Clark

Dr Rowena Clark MBBS FRCA


Rowena is a Consultant Anaesthetist in Edinburgh. An avid traveller, Ro has a love of literature, music and local culture. She has worked in Australia, been a member of the AAGBI International Relations Committee and can be found at festivals all over Europe and beyond.


Professor Chris Imray

Professor Chris Imray PhD FRCS FRCP

Adventure Medic Patron

Chris Imray is a Consultant Vascular and Transplant Surgeon at UHCW NHS Trust, and an academic at both Coventry University and Warwick Medical School. He has traveled the world as a climber and researcher, summiting both Cho Oyu and Everest and publishing over 130 peer reviewed papers.

Chris is a member of both the Alpine and the Climbers’ Club and sits on the Mount Everest Foundation Screening Committee. He is an acknowledged expert in cold injuries and runs the UK Frostbite Advice Service for the British Mountaineering Council.

Edi Albert


Adventure Medic Patron

Edi Albert is generalist in rural and remote medicine, based in Tasmania, but regularly working in various remote locations around Australia including aero-medical retrieval with the Royal Flying Doctors Service, at Perisher Ski Resort, and has previously deployed to Antarctica. He is director of the Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments Program at the University of Tasmania and a founding director of the pre-hospital care charity Sandpiper Australia. He travels widely and enjoys climbing, kayaking, hiking, skiing and sailing.