Photo & Video — 19 November 2018 at 12:19 pm

Two Boys on a Bike for Sight: Arclight Tandem Africa


On 11th October 2018, Merlin Hetherington and Alex McMaster, undergraduate students from the University of St. Andrews set off on their epic 8 month, 10,000km journey by tandem bike from Cairo to Cape town. Their mission? To distribute and train health workers in using the Arclight device, a robust, compact solar powered opthalmoscope and otoscope, in a step towards tackling preventable causes blindness and deafness. They are riding unsupported through the remote and challenging environments of the Sahara Desert, Ethiopian Highlands and the plains of the Serengeti.

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To donate and support them to provide more Arclight devices and deliver more free training to health care workers, visit their fundraising page.

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