Photo & Video — 27 July 2016 at 7:26 pm

Portfolio: 57 Degrees South to 10 Degrees North

Dr Reza Noori & Dr Laura Irwin / UK Core Trainee Anaesthetists

Cycling the length of the Andes from the southernmost tip of Patagonia to the northern edge of Venezuala. Aiming high: nine thousand pounds for nine thousand miles. You may remember reading about the start of Reza and Laura’s monumental charity cycle for Lifebox back in March. We’ve been keeping up with their progress, and over the past month or so they’ve cycled through some of the remotest regions in the continent. From weeks traversing the Atacama, the driest non-polar desert on Earth, to cycling over mountains and enduring snow storms at 5000m on the Bolivian altiplano… it looks like it’s been wild. Here are some stunning photos documenting the last few legs of their journey through South America’s stark and beautiful landscapes.

Visit Lifebox to read about their aims to bring a safer approach to surgery worldwide, providing education, training, support and equipment to resource-poor countries across the map.

To read more about Laura and Reza’s attempt to raise £9000 for Lifebox, please visit their site and consider donating some coins their way for a seriously good cause.

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