News & Features — 7 January 2022 at 4:21 pm

The Physiological Society – Virtual COP26 Hub

‘Physiologists are playing a key role in delivering on the mitigation and adaption goals for COP26. From furthering our understanding of adaption to heat and extreme weather, to maximising human health while reducing food and agricultural emissions, physiological research is helping the fight against climate change.’ – Excerpt from The Physiological Society, COP26 Hub.

In light of the recent COP-26 meeting, The Physiological Society has produced a virtual COP-26 Hub to raise awareness, educate and promote debate around climate change and how it affects both the planet and human physiology.

This platform is entirely free and provides many easy-to-follow and useful resources including; the ‘Physiology and Climate Change Booklet‘, online recorded lectures, news articles and many more. Suitable for school students, interested patients and professionals alike. Check it out!