News & Features — 3 August 2016 at 12:08 am

Soaring Broad Peak at 8100m

Paraglider pilot and Red Bull X-Alps veteran Antoine Girard has smashed altitude records during an incredible 19 day 1260km solo vol-bivouac through the Karakorum. In what has been described as the ‘flight of the century’, he flew 50km to reach Broad Peak at 5470m. Antoine then flew patiently for an hour at that altitude, waiting for the cloud base to rise to 7000m. Finally, he attacked the cliffs, riding the thermal to 8100m above Broad Peak and taking the paragliding altitude record into the bargain. As his fingers started to freeze, he made a couple of passes above the ridge and then flew another 70km to land. You can view an animated track of the route, and the footage of him on these final high altitude passes below. Chapeau!