News & Features — 17 June 2013 at 12:22 pm


Rowena Clark / Adventure Medic Editor

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Two similarly-acronymmed but different and excellent charities. Support them, work for them, or buy them lunch.

Medical Aid Films

Medical Aid Films is an innovative charity whose aims are to reduce maternal and childhood mortality in Africa through the medium of film and animation. By designing and distributing simple, culturally sensitive films which look to improve basic healthcare, they hope to deliver a simple intervention that could make a big difference. Click for examples of their training videos, if you think you could use an MAF film where you work. If you can volunteer some expert advice for future film development, or if you’re a film-maker with a modicum of spare time then get involved.

Medics Against Violence

Medics Against Violence is a local charity based in Scotland, aiming to raise awareness of knife crime amongst school children. Their volunteers are medics, nurses and paramedics, who visit schools and try to help kids understand the consequences of carrying a knife by educating them through video, open chat and personal experience. Fancy doing something outside the day-job and volunteering your time? Perhaps you’d like to set up something similar in your area? Read more about MAV.