News & Features — 23 November 2020 at 6:47 pm

Kilimanjaro Medics Required for Research Study

Have you worked as an expedition medic on Kilimanjaro in the last 5 years? Were you called upon to provide medical care to local participants (guides, porters etc)? Would you be interested in helping out a fellow expedition medic in her research?


Dr Alex Taylor is recruiting volunteers for her research on the experiences of medics in treating local participants whilst on a Kilimanjaro expedition. Her research is being conducted via the University of Plymouth and has received ethics approval. Research will be conducted via remote interview.

Selection criteria

1.      Must have acted as medic on a Kilimanjaro trek in the last 5 years
2.      Must have been required to treat local participants
3.      Must not have been working in a humanitarian capacity

Further information available from Alex on request.

What’s involved

A time will be arranged with you, at your convenience, for the interview which will be around 30-60 minutes. Interviews will be conducted over Zoom and recorded utilising Zoom. You will be asked questions relating to your experience and perceptions of treating any local members of your expedition party.


This research will provide evidence to support best practice in the duty of care to all expedition participants. The study team expect the findings of this research to be presented at an academic conference and published in a scholarly research article. This could take the form of a guideline for care of local expedition staff which may lead to a reduction in morbidity and mortality in this population whilst on expedition.

If you are interested in participating (or know anyone else who might be) please contact .