News & Features — 13 November 2018 at 12:04 pm

Helicopter Medical Careers Conference

Helicopter Medical Careers

What about a career in the sky? The Helicopter Medical Careers Conference promises to answer any questions you may have about a job in aeromedicine. This event is for students, paramedics nurses and doctors interested in helicopter retrieval. It will be held at Glasgow University on 23 March 2019, organised by Dr Stephen Hearns, an internationally renowned as an expert in the field and lead clinician for Scotland’s Emergency Medical Retrieval Service.

Doctors, paramedics and nurses will share their experiences of practicing in this exciting and rapidly expanding medical speciality. They will let you know how they trained for the role, how they made helicopter medicine into a career and how it feels to work with the worldโ€™s leading helicopter services. The day aims to inspire those with a passion for helicopter medicine and guide them towards a career in the speciality.

More information on the programme and speakers can be found here.