News & Features — 24 December 2022 at 10:05 pm

Happy Holidays

Wishing all of our readers across the globe a wonderful holiday season with family, friends and colleagues. Wherever you are we hope you have some time away from the hospital/practice for adventures large or small.

It’s been a brilliant year here at Adventure Medic. We have published expedition course, elective and fellow job reviews and brought you the latest from conferences on three continents. The launch of the quarterly Evidence Explorer has received fantastic feedback from clinicians worldwide. There has been a focus on humanitarian and global health opportunities alongside related telemedicine, One Health and artificial intelligence updates. Following our previous top tips on altitude and jungle environments we have a recent polar article. For those wishing to hone their decision making we have published more dive cases, dirty adrenaline and further dental tips and tricks. We are also very happy to have shared a number of articles by and for paramedics including a comprehensive guide for the ever growing world of expedition work.

This is all thanks to you, the wider community of passionate, adventurous and insightful colleagues who share your thoughts, articles and images. It is an absolute privilege working with you all. Your photo submissions for our Sustainability Photography Competition with Eco Medics were a real highlight. 

Happy holidays and we’re excited to hear more of your tales in 2023!


Photo: A gentoo penguin trumpeting (Shona Main)