News & Features — 7 December 2015 at 7:25 pm

Guidance for Medical Provision for Wilderness Medicine


Guidance for Medicine Provision in the Wilderness (FPHC)The Faculty of Prehospital Care (RCSEd) Guidance for Medical Provision for Wilderness Medicine, a.k.a. the new UK expedition medicine competencies, have been published in Extreme Physiology and Medicine. Adventure Medic was one of the bodies involved in drafting them. We hope that by defining the roles and responsibilities of wilderness medics, we can persuade the wider expedition industry to recognise our value. Nothing upsets us more than hearing about medics being exploited with ‘10%-off the trip’ deals, being unable to get insurance, being out of pocket or, most worryingly, being out of their depth. Click here to have a read and please let us know what you think.