News & Features — 1 November 2017 at 7:29 pm

As One Campaign Launch

The charity Health Poverty Action has today re-launched their As One campaign, aimed at supporting health workers around the world and making better health for all ‘more than just an aspiration’.ย 

Can you spare your medical-related costs this month? Health Poverty Action is a charity designed & led by health professionals. It aims to support health workers in resource-poor countries, with a view to making health services better and equal for all – focussing on local development programmes, influencing policy and disaster/emergency responses.

They ask you, health professionals from around the world, to support other health professionals from around the world. Follow their #AsOne campaign, and consider donating what you can. The cost of your weekly coffee? A crem form fee? The price of a stethoscope?ย Visit their JustGiving page to learn more.