News & Features — 1 May 2017 at 10:41 am

New Triumph Against Malaria

Malaria and Artemisinin screenshot

Scientists based at Cardiff University have designed a new method to manufacture the number one treatment for malaria. By condensing the 13 step process into a mere four they hope to reduce production costs, safeguard drug supply and even provide a platform for studying the increased drug resistance observed over recent months.

“Artemisinin is still the best treatment we have against malaria, and so by creating this new method we hope that researchers will be able to explore this resistance more closely and devise ways of tackling it,” Professor Rudolf Allemand, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of College of Physical Sciences and Engineering.

“Our production method is also generic and can be used to create analogues of artemisinin that might allow us to tackle malaria in a number of new ways.”

With an estimate of around 440,000 deaths from malaria in 2015 this advancement holds great potential to widen the accessibility to this life-saving drug.