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There are many ways to get involved with Adventure Medic and we have listed some of them below. You can get in touch with us at

Write an article

We welcome writing on aspects of adventure, expedition, wilderness, humanitarian and travel medicine, at home and abroad. This can include educational features, interviews, expedition and elective reports and reviews of courses. The most popular articles are those that include a mix of adventure and educational content.

Length / Articles typically range from 1000-3000 words and can be accompanied by up to twelve pictures (with or without captions) to form an accompanying slideshow.

Images / Pictures should ideally be supplied as .jpeg files of between 1-3mb in size (minimum 1000 pixels long edge). However, we can work with a wide range of formats and sizes. Please supply the images separate to the article text. If the pictures were not taken by you, then please ensure you have the photographer’s permission to use the images, and supply their details so we can credit them properly.

Video & Audio / As a digital publication, audio and video can be integrated easily and seamlessly into articles. Please get in touch if you require more information.

Style / Adventure Medic is not a scientific journal, but our readers are primarily medical and allied health professionals. How your article is pitched will depend very much on the topic. However, if you are unsure then please ask us or, in general, aim it at a doctor, nurse or paramedic in their first few years of practice. About half of our readers browse Adventure Medic on smart phones and tablets. Consequently, we have found articles structured with headings and relatively short sentences/paragraphs make for the most pleasant reading on those devices. References are cited in Vancouver style.

Author information / Please supply some information about you to help introduce your article. Include your career stage, where you were working at the time you went on the trip and where you are working now.

Logistical information / For expedition, elective and course reports, please include information about logistics to help others planning a similar trip. This could include transport, costs, visas, best time of year and any relevant contacts.

Consent and confidentiality / Naturally, lots of tales of adventure involve other people, not just the author(s) of the article. Please respect the confidentiality of anyone you choose to write about. In particular, please do not include any identifiable information about your subjects unless you have their explicit written consent. We look to you as the author(s) to ensure that you have the appropriate consent of anyone you write about before submitting your article.

If your trip involves an organisation, please clear the article with them before submission. If they will not agree to clear the article but you still wish to publish, please alert us in advance as to any possible conflict.

Financial / As Adventure Medic is a free, not-for-profit site run by volunteers, we are not able to pay for contributions. However, we are happy for you to include a link or short description of a particular project or organisation with which you are involved.

Content agreement / Kindly note that all work submitted is subject to our User Content Agreement, so please make sure that you understand and agree to it before sending us any contributions. If you have any questions about the agreement then please get in touch.

Publication schedule / When you submit an article, we review it and send you back a formatted version with any suggested edits. We are all working doctors, and often overseas, so this may take a little time. Once you are happy with the final version, we will put it in the publication queue. We can be flexible with the timing of publication, as we understand that our contributors often need to get their work out there prior to applications for training jobs.

Photography and Video

We love photography and video. Single images and portfolios can be submitted for possible inclusion on the site, ideally as .jpeg files of between 1-3mb in size (minimum 1000px long edge). However, as we mentioned above, we can work with a wide-range of formats and sizes including TIFF and RAW.

If you have made a video, or have found one that you’d like to share in the Video section of the site then let us know.


We are committed to being not-for-profit, so Adventure Medic will always be free. The magazine is run entirely by volunteer medics who invest their time advocating for the community and producing valuable content. We make a small amount of money from advertising, which is used to sustain the magazine, attend events and produce publicity materials. If you like what we do and want to support us, you can click the “Donate” button at the top of the page or alternatively click here. All donations will be gratefully received and will help ensure The Adventure Medic keeps being a hub for the community for years to come. Thank you.