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Adventure Medic: The free online expedition medicine, wilderness medicine and travel medicine magazine (Photo: Matt Wilkes, Kilimanjaro 2013)

Adventure Medic is an award-winning, free, online magazine for students and healthcare professionals interested in wilderness, expedition and humanitarian medicine.

Taking a year out in Australia? Heading off with MSF? Overwintering in Antarctica? As a group of friends with a love for travel and exploration, we began Adventure Medic to support our fellow medics in pursuing interesting, charitable or unusual paths through life. We wanted to inspire you with tales of adventure and to lift your spirits with stunning photography and breathtaking video. We started as a downloadable PDF, became a web-only magazine in 2013 and we are now proud to say that we have readers and contributors from all over the globe.

Regularly updated

We publish new articles approximately every week, so please check back regularly. We also let you know via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when a new post is up.

Not for Profit

We are committed to being not-for-profit, so Adventure Medic will always be free. The magazine is run entirely by volunteer doctors from the UK. We make a small amount of money from advertising, which is use to sustain the magazine, to attend events and to produce publicity materials.


Adventure Medic is affiliated with the Wilderness Medicine Society and the American Academy of Wilderness Medicine. We are strong supporters of the International Porter Protection Group and encourage our readers to follow their Guidelines on Ethical Trekking.

Our Patrons are Professor Chris Imray, Consultant Vascular and Transplant Surgeon at UCHW and Warwick Medical School and Professor N. Stuart Harris, Chief of the Division of Wilderness Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.


We won Organisation of the Year at the Excellence in Remote Medicine Awards 2014.

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Most importantly, Adventure Medic is for you, so please read us, write for us and share us.

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Ellie, Matt, Rowena, Luke, Sav and Greg
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