• Elective Competition 2017 Winner

    Elective Competition 2017 Winner

    We are proud to announce the winner of our 2017 Elective competition: congratulations Thomas Bennett! Well done Tom, and a big thank you to all of our medical student and junior doctor entrants.

  • An Alternative Career: Eden

    An Alternative Career: Eden

    Ali Blatcher on being a TV doctor for Channel 4’s reality tv programme Eden. Certainly an alternative career for an adventure medic.

  • Kazakhstan calling

    Kazakhstan calling

    So, how do you attend a job interview from a remote highway in Kazakhstan?

  • Cycling The Six; As One

    Cycling The Six; As One

    Dr Stephen Fabes summarises his epic journey away from medicine, cycling across 6 continents and taking in marginalised & far-flung medical clinics & projects along the way. He finishes by telling us why it’s so important for us to support humanitarian campaign As One.

  • Mutual Benefits of International Volunteering: The Evidence

    Mutual Benefits of International Volunteering: The Evidence

    Looking for the evidence on working abroad to wave in front of your concerned programme director? The RCPSG have produced a must read report to help with job interviews or your bid for ‘out of programme’ experience.

  • Doug Scott CBE talk for IPPG

    Doug Scott CBE talk for IPPG

    Hear about his ‘Crawl down The Ogre’, one of the most dramatic stories of mountain survival ever told. Joint fundraiser for Community Action Nepal and our friends at IPPG, Cardiff, Tues 7th November.

  • Elective Competition 2017

    Elective Competition 2017

    We are proud to open the Adventure Medic Elective Competition 2017! There’s a superb prize for the best adventure article from medical students or new doctors, submitted by 19th December 2017.

  • Sailing and Free-Diving in Antarctica

    Sailing and Free-Diving in Antarctica

    Dr Nick Carter has sailed over 50,000 nautical miles cruising on his own boat, racing or adventure sailing. He tells us about a recent trip free diving in the Antarctic peninsula and gives his thoughts on being a ‘sailing medic’.

  • Coming Down from On High

    Coming Down from On High

    Sophie Wallace reflects on returning to Everest following the avalanche of 2014, on the psychological aspects of expedition life and what we can learn from the military about decompression and debriefing.

  • Prescription Medications for Expeditions

    Prescription Medications for Expeditions

    Newly published guidance on prescription-only medicines for expedition medics: where to get them? How to travel with them? And what if the group has no accompanying doctor?