• Vacuum limb immobilisation. Credit: Luca Festari

    Ski Patrol Equipment in Scotland

    Harriet Gray-Stephens, a ski patroller in Glenshee, gives us the lowdown on first aid equipment in Scotland. Tips and photos from an adventure medic who loves the snow.

  • Red Bull Air Force team members training at Kirby Chambliss ranch near Casa Grande on 28 January 2014.

    Francesco Feletti: Extreme Sports Medicine

    Dr Francesco Feletti, author of the new textbook of Extreme Sports Medicine, on BASE jumping, what makes an extreme sport, and the challenges of Extreme Sports Medicine.

  • The minibus breaks down, again

    Madagascar and Me – Really Rural General Practice

    Dr Susie MacDonald recalls her experience working in rural Madagascar as a medic with voluntary organisation Edge of Africa.

  • Medicine at the Extremes: Photo Contest 2017

    Medicine at the Extremes: Photo Contest 2017

    We have teamed up with the amazing Krystle Wright, Institute of Remote Healthcare and Remote Medical International to bring you our 2017 Photography Contest. Some great prizes on offer, and deadline 31 March 2017.

  • Getting in some outdoor training

    Student Wilderness Medicine Conference 2016

    With the deadline for bids to hold the next Student Wilderness Medicine UK conference almost upon us, Tom Beddis & Ellie Dickson tells us how they managed to organise last year’s fantastic weekend in beautiful autumnal Scotland.

  • Planet Earth II: Flying with Sir David Attenborough

    Planet Earth II: Flying with Sir David Attenborough

    Imagine the responsibility of being Sir David Attenborough’s doctor 10,000 feet up in a balloon. For our final article of the year, we asked Dr Lucy Obolensky how it felt. Enjoy and see you all in 2017!

  • The End of the Road

    The End of the Road

    Facing an unexpected RTA in Nepal: a brilliant reminder of why expeditions are such a challenging and interesting setting in which to practice medicine and a great summary of the lessons to be learned.

  • Aviation and Space Medicine Training

    Aviation and Space Medicine Training

    Aviation and Space Medicine has just been recognised by the GMC as a specialty in its own right. So we spoke to Sqn Ldr Bonnie Posselt, the UK’s new Aviation and Space Medicine Trainee about how she got there and what’s involved.

  • With 113 deaths per 100,000 live births, Guatemala has the 4th highest maternal mortality rate in the continent

    Safer Surgery: behind the scenes at Lifebox

    What inspires people to work for a medical charity? Sibonile Mathe and Sarah Kessler from the Lifebox team in London talk us through what makes them tick.

  • Preparing for the Worst

    Preparing for the Worst

    Death is an inevitability for all of us, but what if it happens on expedition? More to the point, what if it happens to you…? How do you get home? What happens to your property? Thomas Taylor, Director of Net Lawman, tell us about preparing for the worst and why we should all make a will.