• Helicopters in the Khumbu

    Helicopters in the Khumbu

    As the dust settles following the earthquakes earlier this year, we turn back to the high mountains of Nepal and Dr Sanjaya Karki, who describes the avalanches triggered by the earthquakes and explains why Nepali HEMS should be a national priority.

  • Dr John Hinds Killed in Motorcycle Crash

    Dr John Hinds Killed in Motorcycle Crash

    Sad news of the death of ‘Doc John’ Hinds – one of motorcycle racing’s Flying Docs – in a crash at the Skerries 100.

  • Humanity First in Nepal

    Humanity First in Nepal

    Simon Greenfield, an Emergency Care Practitioner with the West Midlands Ambulance Service, on deploying to Gorka in Nepal with Humanity First Medical following the 2015 earthquakes.

  • Building-Antenna-Span-Earth: All About That BASE

    Building-Antenna-Span-Earth: All About That BASE

    What makes a medic go BASE jumping? Offering more reflections than answers, Trauma Fellow BASE #1863 tells us about his life-changing experiences in the most extreme of sports.

  • Palliative Care in India

    Palliative Care in India

    GP registrar Dr Hannah Fox has spent the last year working in palliative medicine in Kolkata, India. In a city were health inequalities between rich and poor are stark, Hannah shares her experiences of palliative care on both side of the coin.


    In Fear of Earthquakes

    It is hard to imagine how it might feel to be caught up in a natural disaster. IPPG doctor Olivia Wolff experienced both Nepal earthquakes – they were moments she will never forget.

  • Stand Together in Brotherhood

    Stand Together in Brotherhood

    Nepali Emergency Physician Dr Karki Sanjaya on the impact of the 2015 earthquakes and why we must stand together for Nepal.

  • Helambu: Nepal’s Forgotten Foothills

    Helambu: Nepal’s Forgotten Foothills

    The rural hill villages of Nepal have been worst affected by the earthquake, yet received the least attention. We asked renowned mountain photographer Nick Mason to give us an insight into life in these areas before the disaster struck to help us make better sense of the current situation.

  • Doctors of Concordia Station

    Doctors of Concordia Station

    What does it take to practice medicine in the coldest, darkest corner of our planet? We interviewed Alex Kumar and Beth Healey, European Space Agency doctors at Concordia station about darkness, hypoxia and life at -80C.

  • Nepal Earthquake: Charity Links

    Nepal Earthquake: Charity Links

    Links to reliable charities following the Nepal earthquakes of 25 April and 12 May 2015, including Disasters Emergency Committee, Community Action Nepal, Nepal Ambulance Service, Karma Flights.

  • Northern Lights: An Elective in Lapland

    Northern Lights: An Elective in Lapland

    Embracing all things snowy, Rachael Parker details her Winter elective in Swedish Lapland, from midnight skiing to patient transfers in the sub-zero.